Wednesday, July 15, 2009



I'm waiting on the Cube Community Site to go up and anticipate another short film!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Reason why I should win.

First off, I want to congratulate all the hyper-cubists that participated. The myriad of eclectic skill sets merged to create a mish-mosh of inspiration that challenged me to raise my creativity to a level I haven’t been at in a while. I’ve built relationships with genuinely kind people who’ve served as encouragement especially in the face of such impassioned competition (you know who you are).

From the energy and aura surrounding this contest I managed to produce nine (9) videos in line with my themed “moods while driving” and an additional six (6) videos helping to promote the Cube to the legendary status it deserves. Each one began with a “C” for the Cube and had it’s own vanity license plate doubling as the theme for it’s own video. My Canvassing for votes stretched from downtown Toronto to the East side of Trenton (where I filmed the video for “Charitable”).

I’ve been a Nissan ambassador for a while now (my household’s current vehicle is a 93’ Nissan Sentra and my previous car was a 89’ of the same make). In search of a car, I’ve been transformed into a Cubie for life and win or lose I’m indebted to you for this opportunity to hone my own talents and to have discovered a bit more of Julie. Thank you Nissan and equally as important thank you my Cubie comrades.

I didn’t really state why I should win because it’s so difficult to justify why I should when there are so many other phenomenal contestants. With that said, I gave it my all and I hope that I managed to inspire someone in the same vein that I’ve been throughout this process



Here's last nights photos from a few sources. I had a blast with all my Hypercubists!

Shouts to Sean Williams (Cube Man) for making the "official" Hypercube Contest Poster!


It seems as thought days turn into nights, nights turn into days and after all this its the end of the road. Well hopefully not literally. I just returned back from the 4th Cube TweetUp with (might I add) an exceptional turnout from our Toronto Cubies. I'm in awe at all the team players and genuine participants who just wanted to get to know each other and have a good time. It's been such an interesting collaboration of minds and personalities that a common thread like the Cube has brought us there to share ourselves with each other. It's not everyday you can surround yourself with creative people.

Creative people who have such an enthusiasm for a goal and a passion to take a risk and invest so much time and effort without any real guarantee that they'll make it to the finish line. When it's all said and done, none of us really know what they will be judging to make the final decisions. However I hope everyone has felt appreciated and has grown from this experience, so that win or lose they leave with something much greater than a car. I hope they value this time spent on themselves and pushing limits they never thought they'd reach. Myself I never planned on ever being on youtube, however here I am with more than nine videos posted up. I don't regret a thing about this contest and I'm glad I entered and stuck it out with full force.

Here's my photo from yesterday of the Balloon Animal Nissan Cube! Thanks to Andy the Clown.